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Ozone White™ technology, developed by the  SBSA-Laboratory, is a groundbreaking hygiene support system that offers real-time, verifiable hygiene services primarily in healthcare, hospitality, communal spaces, public transportation, and more. With approval from the National Public Health Center in Hungary, the technology utilizes ozone for air and surface disinfection, leaving no chemical residues and promoting safety and environmental sustainability. Its unique feature is an integrated, tamper-proof online system that records every treatment, ensuring transparency and accountability across users, operators, and manufacturers. Ozone White™ addresses various hygiene challenges, making it a valuable tool in diverse sectors, from healthcare to disaster recovery

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We are present with Ozone White devices

in the fields of healthcare, public transport, facility and public hygiene

Everything in a place accessible to society, the creation of controllable hygiene. This is what we have been focusing on for more than 10 years.

Safe disinfection, environmentally friendly and controllable for everyone. That’s why we created the Ozone White disinfection equipment and www.rlod.org control system.

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Let the Disinfection solution not just be a promise!

Ozone White technology is the world’s only real-time inspectable disinfection technology.

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The online registration of each ozone disinfection is done through a dedicated data logger, which is capable of sending telemetry data to the SBSA LABORATORY /RLOD/ system. Through multiple sensors the hardware continuously measures and transmits ozone concentration, humidity and temperature. The system provides a guarantee that the disinfection process has actually successfully completed. Only the SBSA LABORATORY /RLOD/ data logger or ozone generators incorporating an SBSA LABORATORY /RLOD/ transmitting unit can send data to the system. Our slogan is authentication, verification and community transparency.





Ozone Disinfection ID: SECR20230901-30036 Provider: SECRET LINE KFT Address: 2161 Csomád, 1759/A/3. Hungary Tax number:…



Ozone Disinfection ID: SECR20230901-30037 Provider: SECRET LINE KFT Address: 2161 Csomád, 1759/A/3. Hungary Tax number:…



Ozone Disinfection ID: SECR20230901-30038 Provider: SECRET LINE KFT Address: 2161 Csomád, 1759/A/3. Hungary Tax number:…

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"We have been using Ozone White™ technology in our healthcare facility for over a year, and the results have been remarkable. The real-time disinfection and the tamper-proof online system provide peace of mind and ensure the highest standards of hygiene for our patients and staff. It's a game-changer in healthcare."

Healthcare Provider

"Our guests' safety and comfort are our top priorities, and Ozone White™ has allowed us to excel in both areas. The technology's ozone-based disinfection leaves no residue, and the online system's transparency is appreciated by our guests. We've received positive feedback about our commitment to cleanliness."

Hotel Manager

"Ozone White™ technology has been a vital addition to our public transportation fleet. Passengers feel safer knowing that our buses are equipped with this cutting-edge hygiene support system. The real-time monitoring ensures our vehicles are always clean and disinfected."

Public Transportation Authority

"In the hospitality industry, cleanliness is non-negotiable. Ozone White™ technology has helped us maintain a spotless dining environment. Customers trust us because of the transparency provided by the online system, and it has boosted our reputation."

Restaurant Owner
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Ozone White

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he Ozone White™ Technology is a system created by the Security and Bomb Searching Agency, strongly supporting the general hygiene, which offers a unique, unavoidable hygienic service able to be checked real-time, primarily for health care, catering establishments, public spaces, mass transportation, etc. The testing of the pilot system is in progress in several countries of Europe. The first step of the beginning of our work in all cases is the status assessment, the ozone treatment done by us is controlled by our colleagues in all times, upon finishing work, all data on the hygienic protocol is sent into our online system, thus it is available for checks not only for our customers but for the entire society. The time, duration, location, actual scale, type of the ozone treatments can be searched at any time. Every General Hygienic Protocol is registered under a unique identifier. www.rlod.org

Our staff complying to safety regulations and controlling the whole process, the use of an ozone generator is completely risk-free. Also, ozone leaves no residue behind, since it disintegrates into pure oxygen in a very short time.

Ozone is the strongest known disinfectant, several times more effective than chlorine. Ozone eliminates all known microorganisms and unpleasant odours caused by organic and inorganic compounds, and leaves no residue, no spots and no contamination behind.

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