Ozone Disinfection ID: RESP20231104-10900
Address: 2161 Csomád, Szent István utca 14. Hungary
Tax number: HU25719619
Customer: Újpest Rendezvénytér. 1041 Budapest, Szent István tér 16.
Used devices: 10
Treatment date and time: 2023.11.04. 17:35
Maximum ozone concentration: 22,51
Humidity: 60,00
Temperature: 25,93

This card certifies that the disinfection treatment was carried out by the Service Provider with Ozone White OW9TH equipment at the indicated time. Treatment unique identification number: RESP20231104-10900

In order to protect personal data, any additional information can be requested from the Service Provider based on the identification number.

If the name of the Service Provider contains the term DISINFECTION GROUP (ID prefix: DG), the disinfection treatment was carried out by the Group’s Contractual Partners.

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